Syrian Girls are being traded and Raped in Turkey.

Are we Living in Pre-Islamic Jahiliya
age : The Loss of Morality and Humanity.
Our syrian sister are being traded and Raped in Turkey.Thanx to Aljazeera Zionist and Munafiq channel, for being telecast Fake & Forged illegitimate Jihad Fatwa against syrian civilians and army.

A Sunni Mufti of Syria has said due to the crisis created by some countries in Syria, the innocent Syrian girls are being raped in Turkey.
Talking during the 2nd day of the International Scholars Conference and Islamic Awakening in Tehran Sheikh Zakaria Saraye said: “Syrian women are being raped and traded in Turkey. In the name of reform, they destroyed universities, schools and mosques… Syria is destroyed, machinery, oil, and wheat is being stolen and transferred to Turkey, even baby milk powder is not immune from these atrocities.”
He said: “Terrorists entered Syria under pretext of establishment of Islamic State, now, I would like to ask, whether these governments should be established on the skulls of innocent people?”
The Syrian scholar criticized the blind Fatwa’s (a legal pronouncement in Islam) for the killing and bloodshed in the Muslim world. “Based on what teachings, [you] issue these orders, for murder of Libyan, Syrian, Iraqi people …? The Muftis who have issued these Fatwas, with such a forthright, but they have not issued Fatwas, sanctioning the establishment of the Israeli embassy in Islamic countries?
Sheikh Zakaria said: “Why the enemies of Islam are expressing ‘peaceful solution’ to the Palestinian issue, and for the solution of Syrian crisis, they offer ‘war and violence’? What criteria are used for the ‘offered solutions’ of these cases ??


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