The Zionist Planned The Arab Spring over a long period of Time.

Could an individual initiative to get out of this fraudulent system be possible?
– I cannot see any other movement capable of mobilizing the Muslim masses other than those which turn to Islam as the basis of mobilization. The days of Arab and Algerian nationalism are over. This is Akhir al-Zaman!
Ikhwan al-Muslimoon (the Muslim Brotherhood) in Egypt were assisted by many decades of brutal oppression under Jamal Abdel Nasser, and then Hosni Mubarak continued to brutally oppress them. And so they won the sympathy of the Egyptian masses. But Ikhwan al-Muslimoon is an Islamic movement and this, most of all, explains their success in mobilizing the Egyptian masses that have love for Islam.
But because Ikhwan lack the ‘Ulama, i.e., the authentic intellectual leadership in Islam, Ikhwan are incapable of seeing that Washington is taking them for a ride, and they, in turn, are taking Egypt for a ride. That ride will eventually culminate in the greatest attack ever to be launched on Egypt’s territorial integrity. Now more than ever before, Egyptians must stand united against the Zionist oppressors. Instead of so uniting Egypt, Ikhwan has divided Egypt in a manner unprecedented in modern Egyptian history.

Let us say that a Muslim nation succeeds in instituting a usury free system. Do you think the Zionists would let that happen?
– We need ‘Ulama with backbones made of iron and steel. I believe Algeria has backbones made of iron and steel. I believe the Algerian intellectual and scholar has that intellectual courage and integrity that is symbolized by iron and steel.
If the subject is taught correctly to the Algerian people it is possible that they may rise up against today’s Zionist oppressors more authentically than Ikhwan’s Egypt which remains comfortable with a peace treaty with an oppressor while oppression still persists. So there is hope in Algeria.
I am pleasantly surprised. Although I am not Arab, and I have never visited Algeria, and despite the fact that I studied Islam in Pakistan, yet I am receiving more emails from Algerians than from Pakistanis. I am getting emails in French, English and Arabic. I get more emails today from Algeria today than any other Arab country. And I’m getting emails from both brothers and sisters. The women – some of them are even young women – are just as interested as the men in making contact with me and discussing problems in Algeria and in the world, and that is a good sign. It is evidence of Algeria’s profile as Bilad al-Mujahideen.

How do you explain the sudden and multiple uprisings that have occurred in the Arab world?
– There are many different reasons. The Zionists planned the Arab spring over a long period of time. This was not the first Arab spring. The first Arab spring took place a hundred years ago. It brought the Saudis into power and removed the Ottomans. This is the second Arab spring. They were secretly sending weapons to Benghazi in preparation, long years in advance. Who acted as a conduit for weapons to reach Benghazi? It had to be Egyptians. Who in Egypt helped and facilitated NATO to bring these weapons to Benghazi? Will Ikhwan ever launch an investigation to provide us with answers? Why did the Zionists want Libya? Answer: Among the different reasons there is one which is located in ‘Ilmu Akhir al-Zaman or Islamic eschatology. Eschatology is recognized in western civilization as a branch of knowledge, but it is not recognized as a branch of knowledge in the Arabic speaking world. We do not have courses of study in ‘Ilmu Akhir al-Zaman. Kitab al-Fitan is just another chapter of Hadith. It is not recognized as a branch of knowledge. But I have devoted attention to ‘Ilmu Akhir al-Zaman, and as a consequence I came to the conclusion that the most important actors in Akhir al-Zaman are al-Masih al-Dajjal and Y’ajuj and M’ajuj.
Dajjal cannot successfully claim to be the Messiah unless and until Israel replaces United States as a ruling state in the world and the territorial frontiers of Israel expands to encompass the biblical frontiers of the Holy Land. I have explained this matter in my book entitled ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’an’. The Bible says that those frontiers extend from the river of Egypt to the (river) Euphrates. Why did they put that in the Bible? On the one hand, it is false. That is not the Holy Land. Not at all! But they wrote those frontiers because Nabi Youssef (‘alaihi al-Salaam) was taken to Egypt, and then Nabi Yakoub (‘alaihi al-Salaam) and Banu Israel went to Egypt. They lived in Egypt’s eastern delta. At that time, only the eastern delta was known as Misr. Today, the whole of Egypt is known as Misr. When the Qur’an refers to Misr, it is not referring to the whole of Egypt, but only to the eastern delta i.e., the land between the River Nile and the Red Sea. Banu Israel lived there for hundreds of years. The Anbiya’– Youssef, Yakoub, Moussa, Haroun… alayhim essalam lived in that territory. The Jews believed that since they were the ‘chosen people of the Lord-God’ it followed that Egypt’s eastern delta was a part of the Holy Land. They also believed that since Banu Israel were taken to Babylon and lived there for centuries, since Prophets were raised amongst them in Babylon, that all the territory up to the River Euphrates was part of the Holy Land. And so, there is an eschatological imperative that is derived from the Bible for Israel to expand its territorial frontier to encompass the eastern delta of Egypt and all of Sinai.
The only way Israel can do that is by launching a ground invasion. A ground invasion from the east will be greatly assisted if there can be a simultaneous ground invasion from the west. And so, long decades ago, NATO had its eyes on Libya. Eventually and with great deception, the Zionists succeeded in getting Salafi Muslims to fight their war for them and to eventually take control of Libya on NATO’s behalf.
Salafi Muslims have this unique characteristic – and I wish I did not have to use such harsh language – that they have eyes but they cannot see. So they were taken for a ride, and today NATO is firmly entrenched in Libya.
When the attack on Egypt takes place, NATO will attack from the west (thanks to the Salafis) and Israel will attack from the east. South of Soudan is now an ally of Israel, so there can be an attack from the South directed against both Sudan and Egypt. And from the north, they can impose a naval blockade.
Now more than ever before, all Egyptians who oppose Zionist oppression should be standing united. Instead, the Ikhwan government has played into the hands of the Zionists by dividing Egypt as Egypt was never divided before.
And so our response is that the primary reason for regime change in Libya was to give NATO a foothold in Libya so that Egypt can be attacked from the west as well.

– Interviewed by Scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein.


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