Millions of Egyptians To US: Get The Fuck Out of Our Country



Posters of President Obama and the U.S. ambassador to Egypt.

Hey Washington, have you gotten the message yet? Get the fuck out of the Middle East and leave Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, and all the countries there alone. All you do is destroy and ruin, support dictators, arm terrorists, and keep people and countries down.

Stop the madness. You don’t own the Middle East. Take care of your own country. Listen to your own people. Look after your own security, not Israel’s. Wake the fuck up and take a look around: you are not wanted in Egypt, Syria, anywhere but in Israel, and even there your efforts to help Israelis are not appreciated by the stubborn leaders there. So, drop the neoconservative foreign policy, stop attacking nations, stop arming Jihadist terrorists like Al-Qaeda, stop propping up dictators, and, who knows, people may just learn to like you again and respect you. But, until then, you will remain a pariah and a lawbreaker.


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