Myanmar Analysis : Failure of Muslim Ummah Unity.


The Muslims of Myanmar are being massacred as we speak by the Buddhist terrorists. It’s strange to say “Buddhist terrorists” when Buddhists are supposed to be peaceful people.

Humanitarian assistance to the Muslims of Myanmar has been very slow. The wife of the Turkish Prime Minister went to Myanmar to help the Muslims and the Saudi King also pledged over fifty million in U.S. dollars. But it is not enough.

The aim of the recent Islamic summit which is being held in Mecca, is to discuss the issue of Syria, Palestine, and the hardships that the Muslims of Myanmar are facing. We hope that this summit is fruitful and produces results but it seems as if this summit has its own agendas rather than the agenda to unite the Muslim world.

The question comes into mind, why wasn’t an Islamic summit called to address the situation in Bosnia?

In Bosnia, Serbian forces killed thousands of Muslims men and raped thousands of women, some of them were as young as twelve. Why wasn’t an Islamic summit called on the situation in Bosnia?

The genocide in Bosnia continued for over three years. Much longer then the situation in Myanmar. We believe that the Islamic summit is for other reasons rather than the unity of the Muslim ummah. The Islamic summit has been called primarily for the situation in Syria.

Keep in mind, that Syria is an Arab country so Arab states such as Saudi Arabia have interests in Syria. Saudi Arabia wants to make sure that the governments in the Arab world serve Saudi and western interests. The government of Syria is close to the Shia government of Iran. That is one of the main reasons why Saudi Arabia wants change in Syria.

We believe that the Myanmar and Palestine issue are both being used to sort of fool the Muslim world to think that this summit is aimed towards unity. But there is a hidden agenda. The hidden agenda is clear, the Saudi government wants all the Sunni nations to agree that Assad of Syria must go.

The evidence for this hidden agenda is clear as well. Such an Islamic summit for so-called unity has never been called before in previous cases. Why wasn’t there an Islamic summit between Muslim nations called when U.S. soldiers burnt several Qurans in Afghanistan? Why wasn’t an Islamic summit called when the U.S. invaded Iraq? Or when Israel killed over 1,400 women and children in Gaza in the operation known as operation cast lead.

We are not going to believe for one second that this Islamic summit was called to promote unity.

Much of the world has been silent on the massacre in Myanmar because lets face it, there is no vested interest in Myanmar. Remember the excuses the U.S. created to invade Iraq? That Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that he is a cruel evil dictator who is killing his own people?

Well, we are not denying that Saddam was an evil dictator, but, Iraq has something Myanmar doesn’t have, and that is oil. Same situation with Qaddafi of Libya, Libya is an oil rich country, so they created a massive media war against Qaddafi that he was killing his own people. We are not defending the actions of these individuals who are dead now, but we are trying to expose the hypocrisy of the world community.

Protecting the Muslims of Myanmar isn’t in the interest of the west. They could careless about what happens to the Muslims of Myanmar. Even the Arab nations, Saudi Arabia, in particular, responded very late to the massacre after public pressure.

The United Nations loves condemning countries that violate human rights. What about the human rights in Myanmar? Are the Muslims of Myanmar less human than the Americans? Then the Europeans? Then the Israelis?

Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh’s prime minister told Al Jazeera that her country cannot afford to accommodate more Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing persecution in neighboring Myanmar.

The statement follows reports that Bangladeshi authorities have rejected many of the asylum seekers.

Sheikh Hasina defended the policy, saying Bangladesh is already overpopulated. There are already about 300,000 Rohingya living in refugee camps in the country. She said that it is not her country’s responsibility to help all the refugees.

Not her responsibility? Why isn’t it her responsibility? As a neighboring country, she should welcome the refugees and ask for international help, especially from the oil rich Muslim countries to help her government take care of them. We should all remember that Bangladesh use to be east Pakistan. Bangladesh gained independence after India invaded east Pakistan and started a full scale war. If Bangladesh were still east Pakistan, then without a doubt, Pakistan would take care of as many refugees as possible.

The western media has done little to expose the massacre which is going on as we speak in Myanmar. The media are too busy highlighting Iran and Syria. Like we have mentioned above, the west has its own interests. The western media only discusses the issues which the west have a vested interest in.

There is no unity at all in the Muslim world. There wont be any unity in years to come because every Muslim nation only cares about their own interests.

The prophet Muhamamd (peace be upon him) said that one of the signs of Qiyammah, is that killing would increase. This is an ominous example of what Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was saying.


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