Egyptian Parliamentarian to Obama: This Is Not a Coup; Don’t Back MB, So We Can Still Be Friends

An Egyptian parliamentarian gives a message to the American people, the Obama administration, and the U.S. Congress. He says the Muslim Brotherhood was oppressing Egypt, that what transpired this week was not a coup, that the Egyptian people want to build a free Egypt, and that he wants America and Egypt to remain friends but only if Washington stops its support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Here is a quote from his speech:
“So, please, when you talk, when you think, when you sit with your people to put a new foreign policy, have in your mind that you are speaking to the people. The people are the one that will help or the people are the one that will hate. We don’t want to hate the United States. We do not want to feel that you are trying to manipulate our future because our future should be done and should be planned by the Egyptian people.

We now have a new president. A new president that is, according to the Constitution, is ruling this country for three or six months until we have a new presidential election. Help this country. Help the people of this country. Do not come and ask us to bring back a group that we do not want.” – Egyptian Parliamentarian.
Leave us alone, let us write our own future, stop propping up the Muslim Brotherhood – not unreasonable demands. But Washington, the U.S. press, and the U.S. political elite have a pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias, and they don’t care what the majority of the Egyptian people think. Yeah, they’re nuts like that.
Source : Memri Channel.


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