What are the Egyptian people doing?

The Voice of Eminent Scholar Imran Hosein :
The Egyptian people are now protesting President Morsi’s grab of power. I believe Morsi made a mistake and I also believe that the Egyptian people are making a mistake by causing all this chaos. I understand the anger and the frustration of the Egyptian people. But they need to understand the wider game plan here.
As we have said in many of our past articles, Israel wants to wage big wars in the middle east so as a result it could become a global super power. Israel will use the excuse of “radical Islam” taking over the middle east. They will use that excuse to use their military power to take over as much Arab land as they can.
They are preparing for the arrival of Dajjal (the false messiah). Before Dajjal can appear, the Zionist Jews of Israel want to make Israel a world recognized super power. So one day, a man can stand up in Jerusalem, and declare that I am Dajjal. The Zionist Jews are waiting for their so-called messiah to appear soon and we are not very far from that time. That is exactly why they are making all these preparations in the middle east.
But unfortunately it seems as if a lot of the Arabs are unaware of these facts. Maybe because they aren’t paying attention the Quran or hadith of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and are too busy fighting each other in sectarian and political war fares. We cannot afford such disunity at this time. The Zionists are happy that all these events are happening because these events only serve their agendas. The Zionists are happy that there is instability in the middle east.

My hope is that these protests and chaos in Egypt calm down soon or things might get worse. Many media outlets here in the west use these opportunities to make the Muslims look bad. Egypt is an important country in the Muslim world and we need to keep an eye on it.


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